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Progressive Web Apps on iOS!

Von | 08. März 2018|

In recent years many new web standards like the Service Worker and Web Notifications evolved, which ultimately enabled Progressive Web Apps. Since then, Progressive W [...]

Progressive Web Apps vs. WebAPKs

Von | 13. Februar 2018|

Imagine you could build a sophisticated application that would run on all your devices, without the need to build multiple versions for each platform (e.g., iOS, Andr [...]

Serverless Architecture with AWS Lambda

Von | 06. Februar 2018|

Ever since Amazon released AWS Lambda in 2014, the term Serverless Architecture has made its way to popularity amongst the tech community. The concept had already bee [...]

Writing a Hive UDF for lookups

Von | 29. Januar 2018|

In today’s blog I am going to take a look at a fairly mundane and unspectacular use of a Hive UDF (user-defined function), that of performing lookups against re [...]

Redis Cluster and Partitioning

Von | 22. Januar 2018|

In my past articles we learned a lot about Redis basics, high availability, CLI and performance. Today we take a look at Redis as a distributed keyspace for huge data [...]

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