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Redis Cluster and Partitioning


In this primer we take a look at Redis Cluster as a distributed keyspace for huge datasets

In my past articles we learned a lot about Redis basics, high availability, CLI and performance. Tod

Redis Cluster and Partitioning2019-01-15T11:12:35+00:00

Using the command line to check redis health


In the forth entry of our series on redis we'll have a look at its CLI tools and how we can check that redis is working as expected.

In the forth entry of our series on redis we’ll have a look at its CLI tools. The central ques

Using the command line to check redis health2020-03-09T17:55:56+00:00

Redis Sentinel: Make your dataset highly available


I want to introduce you to a more complex Redis Sentinel setup. In fact, you can teach your Redis instances to be highly available for your clients.

In previous blog articles we talked about the basic Redis features and learned how to persist, backu

Redis Sentinel: Make your dataset highly available2020-03-09T17:53:57+00:00

Redis: Protect your cached data


Let's have a look at Redis persistence mechanics, pros, cons and configuration examples and its different backup and restore strategies.

Welcome to our second blog article concerning the Redis caching engine. Here I want to introduce Red

Redis: Protect your cached data2019-04-02T17:11:15+00:00

Redis: More than caching


Redis is both: a fast key-value in-memory DB on the one hand and data persistence, high availability, replication on the other hand. This is a primer.

When talking about caching and shared caching most of us would think about memcached. Memcached is lightweight, easy to configure and has a very good performance. But

Redis: More than caching2020-03-09T17:54:52+00:00