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Frameworks for Machine Learning Model Management


This blog post will compare three different tools developed to support reproducible machine learning model development: MLFlow developed by DataBricks (the company behind Apache Spark), DVC, a software product of the London based startup iterative.ai, and Sacred, an academic project developed by different researchers.

In my previous blog post „how to manage machine learning models“ I explained the difficulties within the process of developing a good machine learning mod

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How to Manage Machine Learning Models


In the past few moths a slew of Machine Learning management platforms arose. In this article we have a look at ModelDB which supports data scientists by keeping track of models, datasources and parameters. If you use scikit-learn or SparkML it promises easy integration and offers additional visualisation tools.

Developing a good machine learning model is not straight forward, but rather an iterative process which involves many steps. Mostly Data Scientists start by building

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