Stefan Pollklas

Über Stefan Pollklas

On a background of over 20 years of consulting companies, Stefan's focus as an Agile Coach at inovex has been on managing the organizational aspects of digital transitions. He is passionate about Agile methodologies, particulary in context of developing digital products.

Journey Into the World of Remote Coaching


We have learned in the past months that it is indeed possible to deliver agile coaching to our customers on a 100% remote basis and we would like to share some insights and learnings about how to manage a remote coaching project kick-off successfully.

By now, you may have heard the same pandemic tune over and over again: The emergence and spread of SARS-CoV-2 has shaken the ways of working we had taken for granted.

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Scaling Agile


How to scale Agile? It depends on the specific needs of your company. In this blog article you will learn what to consider and how to solve the challenge for your company. You will learn about how LeSS, SaFE, Nexus frameworks or the Spotify model may serve as a basis for solving your challenge.

The concern of how to scale Agile comes up frequently when talking to our customers. Our inital response usually is: Don’t—if you don’t have to! The first

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Digitales Arbeiten: der praktische Zugang


Wir zeigen, welche alternativen Trainingsformate bei der Einführung von technisch komplexen Plattformen im Unternehmen angewendet werden können.

„Viel lernen lehrt nicht viel verstehen.“ – Heraklit Die technischen Möglichkeiten aktueller Kollaborationsplattformen wie zum Beispiel Sharepoint, Jive, IBM Connecti

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Gamification von Geschäftsprozessen: Drei Schritte zum Erfolg


Um Gamification erfolgreich einzusetzen, müssen zahlreiche Faktoren beachtet werden. Dies sind die wichtigsten Schritte zur erfolgreichen Implementierung.

Der Einsatz von Gamification hat sich in Unternehmen zunehmend etabliert. Am Anfang stand die Nutzung von Gamification als Marketinginstrument, um Kunden beispielswei

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