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Flutter: The Finalizer (Part 4)

Von | 19. März 2019|

In this last article of my series on app development with Flutter we will have a look on routing, layout, animation and data sharing to finish our first flutter app!

Previously we have created the basic structure of the Flutter application by defining the GeneralPage and the DetailsPage. In this article, I will concentrate on rout

Deep Learning Fundamentals: Concepts & Methods of Artificial Neural Networks

Von | 13. März 2019|

Everybody talks about AI and deep learning and everybody uses it, including you! But what exactly is deep learning and what are artificial neural networks? In this article I shine a light on some basic yet crucial concepts in an attempt to lift the veil.

Artificial intelligence or deep learning: Everybody talks about it and everybody uses it, including you! Of course you immediately have the evil terminator in mind wh

CyberMentor: Sind Frauen die besseren Mathematiker?

Von | 07. März 2019|

Können Jungs wirklich besser rechnen als Mädchen? Können nur Jungs tollen Code schreiben? Ich habe diese Klischees für mich selbst widerlegt und engagiere mich bei CyberMentor, der MINT-Plattform für Mädchen. Denn wenn ich eins in den letzten Jahren gelernt habe, dann, dass Frauen die besseren Mathematiker sind.

Es ist eine Frage, die seit vielen Jahren immer wieder zu Konflikten führt: Können Jungs wirklich besser rechnen als Mädchen? Und können nur Jungs tollen Programmcode

Price Prediction in Online Car Marketplaces using Natural Language Processing

Von | 04. März 2019|

I use state-of-the-art NLP techniques to improve an existing pricing model in an online car market. Online car markets usually use technical car attributes for price prediction with sellers adding description texts to provide more details. In my thesis, I use these texts to improve the existing pricing model.

tl;dr: This blog post summarizes my masters‘ thesis. I use state-of-the-art NLP techniques to improve an existing pricing model in an online car market. Online

Flutter: The Profiler (Part 3)

Von | 25. Februar 2019|

In this article we will start to build a prototype application in Flutter with Dart. At the end, you will find a link to the GitHub repository that contains the present stage of the application.

Previously, I gave a brief introduction to the core concepts and setup of Flutter. I showed the general structure of a Flutter project and some implementation example

Lessons Learned after Using React Native for a Year

Von | 18. Februar 2019|

In this article you will find a brief summary of the lessons I learned while working with React Native on a daily basis for over a year. Here is ‘The Good’, ‘The Bad’, ‘The Ugly’—and some more!

Last year I received the assignment to create a sophisticated Android and iOS application for a European retail chain, so their employees could be more productive in

Machine Learning Interpretability: Do You Know What Your Model Is Doing?

Von | 13. Februar 2019|

Unlike usual performance metrics, fairness, safety and transparency in machine learning models are much harder if not impossible to quantify. Here are some techniques (and examples) to provide interpretability, to make decision systems understandable not only for their creators, but also for their customers and users.

Machine learning has a great potential to improve data products and business processes. It is used to propose products and news articles that we might be interested i

Flutter: New Concepts? (Part 2)

Von | 06. Februar 2019|

Building complex applications in Flutter demands a basic understanding of the core concepts. Those concepts include the navigation between screens or saving simple key-values pairs . In this article I will show three of the most common concepts every developer should know.

Building complex applications in Flutter demands a basic understanding of the core concepts. Those concepts include the navigation between screens or saving simple ke

State of the Web 2019: Start here

Von | 30. Januar 2019|

We chose some interesting new topics we wanted to dive into and created a compressed, easy-to-read summary with some practical code snippets. To top it off, we discussed the topics in a podcast where you can get additional information about the posts from the authors. We hope you enjoy!

We're developers working on projects with technology we love every day. We must keep an eye on the ever changing web eco system. New tools and libraries popping up every

Screenshot Testing mit BackstopJS [State of the Web]

Von | 30. Januar 2019|

In diesem Blog Post gebe ich einen Überblick, wie erste Tests für BackstopJS geschrieben werden. Darüber hinaus erkläre ich, wie man BackstopJS in Docker ausführt, welche Befehle zur Verfügung stehen und wie visuelle Tests in einer Gitlab-Pipeline ausgeführt werden können.

BackstopJS ist ein Testing Tool, das bei Web-Frontends zum Einsatz kommt. Mit seiner Hilfe können schnell und einfach visuelle Regressionstests zu einer bereits beste

WebAuthn: Strong Authentication for the Web [State of the Web]

Von | 30. Januar 2019|

In 2014 the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) alliance announced the Universal Second Factor (U2F) specification which provides 2FA based on security keys, resistant to phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks (MitM) or stolen passwords. Let's have a look at its current state and browser support for WebAuthn!

Use complex passwords they said! It will be secure they said! This meme may be part of a humoristic view on the harsh reality. According to Google's study 1.9 billion pa

Native Browser Dialogs and HTML Dialog Libraries [State of the Web]

Von | 30. Januar 2019|

Since the web is evolving and becoming more mature, a new HTML Dialog element is being standardized to meet developers' needs. Today the implementation can be used directly in Chrome already—here's what you need to know.

An HTML dialog is a container for content which overlaps the rest of the site and is in the foreground. From a designer’s perspective a dialog catches the focus

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