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Progressive Web Apps on iOS!

Von | 08. März 2018|

With the support for Service Workers and the Web App Manifest standard on mobile Safari, Progressive Web Apps on iOS become reality.

In recent years many new web standards like the Service Worker and Web Notifications evolved, which ultimately enabled Progressive Web Apps. Since then, Progressive W

Application of Differential Privacy and Randomized Response in Big Data

Von | 28. Februar 2018|

In this blog, I’ll explain some of the basic concepts of differential privacy and talk about how I’ve used it in my Bachelor’s Thesis.

Differential Privacy is a topic of growing interest in the world of Big Data. It is currently being deployed by tech giants like Google and Apple to gain knowledge ab

Actions on Google Tutorial: Apps für Google Assistant selbst schreiben

Von | 22. Februar 2018|

In diesem Artikel zeige ich an einem Beispiel und Code Templates, wie man Actions on Google für den Assistant auf Google Home und Smartphones entwickelt.

Voice Assistants wie Google Home und Amazons Alexa unterstützen uns zu Hause nicht mehr nur bei Standardaufgaben wie der Wetterabfrage oder dem Stellen eines Timers.

Behold, the External Address Highlighter for Google Inbox!

Von | 14. Februar 2018|

While composing an email, the External Address Highlighter gives visual feedback when a recipient has an email-address from outside your company.

Hi there! Just wanted to quickly let you know, that we published a new web-extension 🎉 It’s called External Address Highlighter (github) and does just that (in

Progressive Web Apps vs. WebAPKs

Von | 13. Februar 2018|

Progressive Web Apps can be executed independently from the browser's host system—web APKs go even further & make web apps a first class citizen on Android!

Imagine you could build a sophisticated application that would run on all your devices, without the need to build multiple versions for each platform (e.g., iOS, Andr

Serverless Architecture with AWS Lambda

Von | 06. Februar 2018|

Let's compare AWS Lambda to EC2 to find out how software development, cost, performance and scalability are affected by moving to a Serverless Architecture.

Ever since Amazon released AWS Lambda in 2014, the term Serverless Architecture has made its way to popularity amongst the tech community. The concept had already bee

Writing a Hive UDF for lookups

Von | 29. Januar 2018|

Let's use a Hive UDF to perform lookups against resources residing in the Hadoop file system (HDFS) which allows non-equi joins.

In today’s blog I am going to take a look at a fairly mundane and unspectacular use of a Hive UDF (user-defined function), that of performing lookups against re

Redis Cluster and Partitioning

Von | 22. Januar 2018|

In this primer we take a look at Redis Cluster as a distributed keyspace for huge datasets

In my past articles we learned a lot about Redis basics, high availability, CLI and performance. Today we take a look at Redis as a distributed keyspace for huge data

6 Things to Consider for Microservice Migration

Von | 10. Januar 2018|

Microservice migration for larger scale organizations requires an extensive reflection of the context in which microservices are introduced.

For my master’s thesis I conducted interviews with industry experts in the field of microservice migration. As a result a guidance is provided  by thoroughly analyzin

Network Anomaly Detection: Online vs. Offline Machine Learning

Von | 12. Dezember 2017|

In this part of our network anomaly detection blogpost series we want to compare two basically different styles of learning.

In this part of our network anomaly detection series we want to compare two basically different styles of learning. The very first post introduced the simple k-means 

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