Elk on Docker (-Compose)

The ELK/Elastic stack is a common open source solution for collecting and analyzing log data from distributed systems. This article will show you how to run an ELK on Docker using Docker Compose. This will enable you to run ELK distributed on your docker infrastructure or test it on your local system. Weiterlesen

Getting started with Kibana [Links]

You have huge data sets to analyze? You want to gain insights into your gigabytes of logs? The Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Beats, Kibana) offers you a great set of tools for that. After you got your logs or other data into Elasticsearch, Kibana will offer you a great UI to deep dive into your data. But how to get started with Kibana? Weiterlesen

Drastic Elastic [Part 3]: Cluster Setup

ElasticSearch does not offer support for clusters spanning data centres. However, on our project we had access to a network latency of 400 *micro*seconds (0.4 ms) between three separate locations in the same city, and decided to test a cluster spanning all three data centres. Network latency did not prove to be a problem, but a more tricky issue was deciding how to set up the cluster to best guard against network partitioning. Weiterlesen

Drastic Elastic [Part 1]: ElasticSearch as a Database

In an article for Java Magazin way back in 2012 (only a small section of it seems to have survived online(!), although it is still available from the inovex website as a download) I toyed with the idea of using a search engine as a database (not such an unconventional idea, it turned out, since Elastic from time to time decribes its search engine as being a database too), mainly due to cost and usability considerations. The idea gained traction with the release of the aggregation framework in early 2015 and a few months later I was involved with a project where we decided to leverage elasticsearch aggregations for the analysis of internet statistics. In this article I want to share my experience. Weiterlesen

ELK Stack Deployment mit Vagrant

Der Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana (ELK) Stack ist eine Sammlung von aufeinander abgestimmten Applikationen für das Sammeln, Verarbeiten und Visualisieren von Log-Daten. Die Installation dieses mächtigen Stacks kann mitunter einige Zeit in Anspruch nehmen, doch das freie VM-Verwaltungswerkzeug Vagrant kann benutzt werden, um sich auf dem lokalen Notebook schnell ein fertiges ELK-Cluster inklusive Konfiguration aufzusetzen. In diesem Video zeigen wir, wie das geht. Weiterlesen

inovex retrospex [July 2015]

Another month passed, another retrospex due. This time we’re talking Android embedded, IPv6 for mobile and women in tech – more precisely Sophie Wilson, the creator of the ARM architecture. Read on for everything new in tech you might have missed in July. Weiterlesen

inovex mit Elastic auf der Jax 2015

Vom 20. bis 24. April 2015 findet in Mainz die Konferenz Jax statt, mit dem Schwester-Event W-Jax die größte Konferenzserie zum Thema Enterprise-Technologie, agile Methoden und Software-Architektur. Wir freuen uns ganz besonders, in diesem Jahr gemeineinsam mit unserem langjährigen Partner Elastic (ehemals Elasticsearch) vertreten zu sein und unsere Expertise in Vorträgen und Live-Demos zu präsentieren. Weiterlesen