Migrating an embedded Android setup: Porting the Kernel Driver (Part 2)

After getting the display up and running, we’ll have a look at the kernel drivers. It would be way too much work describing each kernel driver in detail, so I will concentrate on the changes needed to port them to the newer kernel version, 3.14 to be exact. A more thorough introduction to the sensor driver and the whole sensor integration can be found here. Of course I learned a lot since I wrote my previous series of articles so I improved the driver quite a bit. Both devices are connected to the Wandboard via the I2C-bus, so they are working really similar at this level. Just controlling it, reading data and sleep management differs for each device.

inovex mit Elastic auf der Jax 2015

Vom 20. bis 24. April 2015 findet in Mainz die Konferenz Jax statt, mit dem Schwester-Event W-Jax die größte Konferenzserie zum Thema Enterprise-Technologie, agile Methoden und Software-Architektur. Wir freuen uns ganz besonders, in diesem Jahr gemeineinsam mit unserem langjährigen Partner Elastic (ehemals Elasticsearch) vertreten zu sein und unsere Expertise in Vorträgen und Live-Demos zu präsentieren. Weiterlesen