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inovex retrospex [July 2015]

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Dieser Blogartikel ist älter als 5 Jahre – die genannten Inhalte sind eventuell überholt.

Another month passed, another retrospex due. This time we’re talking Android embedded, IPv6 for mobile and women in tech – more precisely Sophie Wilson, the creator of the ARM architecture. Read on for everything new in tech you might have missed in July.


Google’s first attempt at a well thought out design language, Material Design, was introduced one year ago this month. The concept defined most prominently by meaningful transitions and bold colors has found quick adaptation: there are now more than 200,000 material design apps in the Play Store, over 40 per cent of newly submitted apps use the standard.

Not quite coincidentally Google released Material Design Lite (MDL) this month. Only using vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript the package allows users to create fancy websites with minimal overhead. Head over to their project site to get started.

Android slowly but surely expands to the embedded market. According to various surveys compared by a majority of participants plans to use the mobile OS in an embedded use case, while at least some already do so. A survey conducted by VIA Technologies show numbers as high as 93 per cent of developers working with or being interested in Android embedded. Still, most embedded systems continue to run on plain linux – a status quo that might be changed in the foreseeable future by the release of Google’s embedded OS Brillo. Need some embedded work done? Check out our mobile development website.

Android Studio 1.3 has been published to the stable channel, finally bringing data binding to Android! The latest version also supports NDK development and C/C++ editing and debugging.

The Guardian has published a great piece on the future of Google, highlighting not only the company as a whole but also digging deep into the innovations of several products and services. The article spans over 5500 words, so make sure to grab a coffee before you start reading.

App Engine for Go is now out of beta. Get your gophers ready!

The Go mascot. Source:
The Go mascot. Source:


Deutsche Telekom is the first provider in Germany to adapt IPv6 for its mobile network. For the transition period an IPv4/iPv6 dual stack solution will be implemented.


About 30 years ago the ARM processor architecture was co-created by Sophie Wilson, laying the ground works for mobile computing. Today about 60 billion ARM-Cores have been shipped, powering smartphones, tablets and embedded systems. LinuxVoice traced the history of both Wilson and the ARM architecture and wrote it up in a nice article.


Elastic has begun offering its search based solution Found as a hosted service. Two tiers are available starting at $45/Month with a premium for 24×7 support and priority support. Elastic has acquired Found earlier this year. For an Elastic solution tailored to your needs visit our website and ask for a quote via email.

Web hoster Rackspace – home to GitHub, Vodafone amongst others – now offers Elasticsearch for its database platform ObjectRocket. Customers will thus be able to more effectively search huge amounts of unstructured data on their fully hosted databases.

Big Data

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.3 is now generally available after being announced last month. See their announcement for a full feature list.

Data Center

ComputerWeekly interviewed software-defined storage startup Quobyte and found out about their ambitious plans: to offer web scale storage manageable by relatively few people, not unlike Google. As experienced Quobyte partners we can help you getting startet with SDS.

Mesosphere has announced an SDK to support the development of distributed applications and services for its Data Center Operating System (DCOS).


Our Systems Engineer Arnold – who also brought you a tutorial on how to deploy Windows Server with Foreman last week – published a three part mini series describing how to bootstrap a testing infrastructure using vagrant and packer. Get startet with part 1 right away!

Did we miss anything? Drop us a link in the comment section below!

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