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inovex retrospex [June 2015]

Autor:in: Lukas Funk
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Well, turns out that collecting and curating interesting news about technology does not work out on a weekly basis when it is not your main focus. So here we go: inovex retrospex will from now on be published monthly, highlighting the most interesting news of the past 4 weeks.


At DockerCon the company behind the open source containerization project revealed loads of new tools as well as some experimental features. Prominent amongst them is Project Orca with the aim of building a top to bottom integrated stack for docker, greatly facilitating the process of establishing a deployment platform for containers.

The company also announced a cooperation with Microsoft that resulted in the creation of Windows Server containers.

In a bid to promote a common standard in containerization Docker along with CoreOS, Cisco, AWS and others announced the Open Container Project. The project will be supervised by the Linux Foundation and promote compatibility between several container implementations. No need to worry about the implications of switching to Rocket anymore. 😉

A first result of the Open Container Project is runC, a common runtime CLI tool for containers.

Flocker, the data management solution for Docker containers hit version 1.0. Head over to for a nice overview of all the features that make Flocker ready for production or visit their website right away and get started.


Speaking of containers: Google has released a solutions paper on how to implement load testing with Kubernetes. The announcement can be found on the Google Cloud Platform Blog while the solution itself is listed on the Cloud Platform website.

Google experimented with a machine learning approach to chat bots. Instead of relying on simple question-answer pairs the bot learned from heaps of chat logs with customer support and the like. While still not passing the Turing Test conversations appear a lot more natural. And creepy, to be honest.

If you’re just getting into reactive programming you might want to have a look at this easy introduction to RxJava and RxAndroid released by NewCircle. It’s not aimed at absolute newbies but helps you getting started.


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You might know from experience that Google’s Chrome Browser not only chomps the performance but also the battery of your Mac. Google knows about these problems and has started fixing them. First (impressive!) results can now be witnessed in the Chromium base.

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