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State of the Web 2019.2

State of the Web September 2019: Start here

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We’re developers working on projects with technology we love, every day, keeping an eye on the ever-changing web eco system. New tools and libraries pop up every day. But what’s really important? There’s so much out there and you quickly feel lost in all those framework communities, blogs, social posts and more. So we need some time to get familiar with these new things. At inovex we invest time and budget to work besides our daily projects, gathering knowledge and trying new things to make us and our customers happy. We love to learn and share. Sharing is caring. So here we go: The State of the Web 2019.2!

The State of the Web September 2019

We picked some freshly squeezed topics to get a compressed, easy-to-read summary with some practical code snippets. And in this third episode, we tried something new. Instead of discussing about the topics in a podcast, we give you a more visual feedback of the authors. Each author introduces their topic in a short video. We hope you enjoy!


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In this third episode of State of the Web we have a look at some topics that you may heard of, but probably haven’t had the chance to work with.

Web Components: Recap and Latest Trends

The second article is all about Web Components. Alessa Radkohl recapitulates what this term stands for and talks about Design Systems and Micro Frontends you can create with Web Components today. You’ll also find further links to dive deeper into this topic. Read the full Web Components: Recap and Latest Trends article.

Houdini and the Future of CSS

The article Houdini and the Future of CSS is dedicated to an upcoming new web standard to extend the capabilities of CSS by providing APIs that make it possible to create custom CSS features and modify the browser rendering pipeline. Tanja Ulianova gives you a brief overview of the Houdini specifications, what you can do with it and which browsers are currently supported.


JAMstack Apps: Static but Dynamic

Have you heard about the JAMstack or Static Site Generators (SSG)? It’s a hot topic and combined with a Content Management System (CMS) and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) your’re ready to build the next generation of websites. Learn what you need for better performance, security and to improve your SEO. Read Julia Wayrauther’s article about JAMstack Apps: Static but Dynamic.

Your Feedback

This third episode tries something new. Do you like the new video format? We’re happy to get your feedback. Please feel free to leave your comment and suggestions on how we can improve this series in the future. Thanks for reading. If you like it, share it!

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