Confluent and Payback talk about Kafka, KSQL and Spark

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Join us for our next Munich Apache Kafka Meetup on April 18th from 6:30 pm hosted by inovex. We have two very special speakers and one of them even comes all the way from the USA! The agenda, venue and speaker information can be found below. See you there!


18:30 Uhr Doors open
18:30–19:15 Uhr: That's the point: Lessons learned of operating a realworld Spark Streaming / Kafka application on Hadoop (Rostislaw Krassow, Payback)
19:15–20:00 Uhr: KSQL – Streaming SQL for Apache Kafka (Matthias J. Sax, Confluent)
20:00 Uhr: Pizza, Drinks, Networking and additional Q&A


„That's the point: Lessons learned of operating a realworld Spark Streaming / Kafka application on Hadoop“

Rostislaw Krassow, Payback

As leading marketing platform PAYBACK must be able to provide every customer the individual offer at the right time. In order to process any business transaction or external event a new streaming based infrastructure was set up based on Kafka as data pipeline and Spark Streaming as processing layer. This presentation covers experience with Spark Streaming on YARN after year of productive usage. Especially non-functional aspects like security, resource allocation and isolation, high availability and scalability will be discussed.


Rostislaw Krassow works as big data engineer at PAYBACK. His responsibilities include design, implementation and operation of the Hadoop- and Kafka-based big data infrastructure.

„KSQL – Streaming SQL for Apache Kafka“

Matthias J. Sax, Confluent

This talk is about KSQL, an open source streaming SQL engine for Apache Kafka. KSQL aims to make stream processing available to everybody without the need to write Java or Scala code. Streaming SQL makes it easy to get started with a wide-range of stream processing applications such as real-time ETL, sessionization, monitoring and alerting, or fraud detection. We will give a general introduction to KSQL covering its SQL dialect, core concepts, and architecture including some technical deep-dives how it works under the hood.


Matthias J. Sax is an Apache Kafka committer working as a Software Engineer at Confluent. His main focus is Kafka’s Streams API and stream processing with KSQL. Prior to Confluent, he was a PhD student at Humboldt-University of Berlin, conducting research on data stream processing system. Matthias is also a committer at Apache Flink and Apache Storm.

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