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EuroPython 2021

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EuroPython, started in 2002, is the largest conference for the Python programming language in Europe, and one of the largest Python conference word-wide.

inovex is represented with several talks by Anna-Lena Popkes and Stefanie Stoppel.

Anna-Lena Popkes talks about Finding Magic in Python (suited both for beginners and intermediates and might even contain some new knowledge for professionals):

Inspired by a personal project where she created her own magical universe in order to learn and apply Python concepts she hasn’t used before. Some of these concepts are included in the talk in a clear, precise and well-explained manner, including examples from the magical universe. The talk tells a story about how our passions can be used for learning to create something magical.

Stefanie Stoppels talk is about The Myth of Neutrality: How AI is widening social divides (beginner level):

The talks aim is tho shed light on how algorithms become discriminatory, how difficult it is to build „fair and responsible“ AI, and what we should do to prevent the systems we build from cementing existing injustices.

Algorithmic discrimination is a different story than discrimination by humans: you cannot argue with the algorithms and, due to their inherent scalability, you might be confronted with them wherever you go.
We often expect AI technology to be neutral, but it’s far from it. The reason is that – especially when we are not aware of it – we transfer existing stereotypes into these systems through our current data collection practices, our development processes and by how we apply these technologies within our societies.


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