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All aboard the hype train! Trends at PyConDE / PyData & popular AI narratives

Vorträge von Florian Wilhelm und Stefanie Stoppel bei unserem Meetup am 23.05.2023 in Berlin

Bei unserem ersten Meetup in Berlin drehte sich alles um die Highlights und Trendthemen von der vergangenen PyConDE / PyData und es gab spannende Einblicke in die Welt der AI-Narrative.

Die Vorträge wurden in englischer Sprache gehalten.

Talk 1 (Florian Wilhelm): Highlights and Trends of the PyConDE / PyData 2023 Berlin
PyConDE / PyData 2023 Berlin is a significant event for the Python community. In this talk, we’ll cover the key takeaways and trends from the conference, including emerging technologies and best practices in Python programming and data science. We’ll also discuss the impact of the conference on the Python community, and how it is shaping the future of the language. Whether you attended or not, this talk will provide a comprehensive overview of PyConDE / PyData 2023 Berlin, and keep you informed about the latest trends and practices in the Python ecosystem.

Talk 2 (Stefanie Stoppel): “Happily ever after? A challenging view on contemporary AI narratives“
„AI will lead to a better future“
„AI will help us solve our most pressing problems“
„Artificial General Intelligence will soon be a reality, and we need to ensure it’s aligned with human values“

These beliefs are at the core of the current AI hype. But how do they shape public discourse? And given our current economic, environmental, social and power structures, is it reasonable to believe these narratives? Join me as I journey onto the stage of artificial intelligence: together we will explore which narratives have a place in the spotlight – and which ones are often obscured by dogma, lobbying, and persuasive PR.

Über die Speaker:innen:

Florian Wilhelm
Florian is a Data Scientist living in Cologne, Germany with a mathematical background. After his postdoctoral position, he started his journey as a Data Scientist and is now Head of Data Science at the inovex GmbH, which is an IT project center driven by innovation and quality, focusing its services on ‘Digital Transformation’.

Stefanie Stoppel
Stefanie (she/her) is a Data & ML Engineer at inovex and helps customers implement their data-driven use cases. She is passionate about ethical issues around AI and advocates for transparent and equitable AI development and use.

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Florian Wilhelm

Head of Data Science, Ansprechperson Data Management & Analytics