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inovex is an IT project center driven by innovation and quality, focusing its services on ‘Digital Transformation’.

Over 400 IT experts provide comprehensive support to companies in making their core business digitised and agile and in the implementation of new digital use cases.

The solutions we offer include Application Development (Web Platforms, Mobile Apps, Smart Devices and Robotics – from UI/UX design to Backend Services), Data Management and Analytics (Business Intelligence, Big Data, Searches, Data Science and Deep Learning, Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence) and the development of scalable IT infrastructures (IT Engineering, Cloud Services), within which the digital solutions are operated in DevOps mode. We modernise existing solutions (Replatforming), strengthen systems against external attacks (Security) and share our knowledge through Training and Coaching (inovex Academy).

inovex has locations in Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg and is involved in projects throughout Germany.






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