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Agile working relies on good communication, and its methods require direct collaboration. Recent increases in remote work means that agile methods must also adapt to this concept. We have developed alternative solutions to facilitate the use of remote agile.

Agile work – anywhere

Work is becoming increasingly mobile, and geographically distributed teams are no longer uncommon. Typical agile collaboration methods, however − such as planning using sticky notes, large-scale visualizations in team rooms, retrospectives which begin with a meal together, and so on − are no longer possible and must be rethought.

It is, however, possible to transition from a traditional hierarchical style of working using waterfall methods to agile collaboration. The initial training course is designed to give teams a sense of how they will work together in future. They will require new tools and methods specifically geared to remote work.

Lean Coffee using Scrumlr for organisation – part of the second afternoon at Remote Scrum Training

Here at inovex, we didn't just move our agile training courses online in response to this new trend; we also adapted their content. In addition to the use of appropriate remote tools (such as Miro and Scrumlr), we teach methods which are particularly suited to working agilely in virtual spaces.

inovex has a long history of providing customers with training and coaching to help them make their work processes more agile. In recent years, we have helped an increasing number of teams from non-software-development backgrounds to switch to agile collaboration, from geo-information teams to sales teams to the internal audit team of a major corporation. The starting point is usually a basic agile training course (on either Scrum, Kanban, or both) for the entire team.

Remote setup in just three steps

We use a three-step method to guide teams wishing to work agilely towards doing so independently. In our remote courses, just as with our on-premises ones, we lead our customers through the three phases of this process and ensure that agile methods are optimally integrated into their everyday tasks:

Once your team has completed their training course and/or workshop, our agile coaches ensure that the methods they have learned are transferred smoothly into their daily tasks. We attach great importance to ensuring that all teams are equipped to work agilely on their own. Right from the very beginning, the goal of our coaching concept is to 'phase ourselves out'.

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