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We set great store by keeping pace with state-of-the-art technology. inovex employees are extremely active when it comes to networking and meeting with other experts, whether through regular specialist get-togethers, brown-bag-it days and tech days, or meetups and active participation in the following communities.

Code & Chill Club Munich

The Code & Chill Club Munich organizes regular meetings where you can code and listen to music together, exchange ideas, carry out user tests and just have fun.

CyberForum e.V.

With over 1200 members, the CyberForum e.V. is the largest regional high-tech entrepreneur network in Europe. inovex is part of that network.

eco e. V.

With more than 1100 international members, the eco Association of the Internet Industry is Europe’s largest industry network for Internet firms in Europe.

GDG Karlsruhe

The Google Developer Group (GDG) Karlsruhe is one of 24 Google Developer Groups currently active in Germany. It offers interested developers a forum to discuss all topics related to Google technologies.

German AI Association

As a member of the KI Bundesverband, we want to strengthen the innovative power of other companies and Germany as a location through the exchange in this network.

Hackerstolz e.V.

Hackerstolz is a young organisation from the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area which organizes hackathons, promotes digital culture, and advocates for the greater involvement of women in IT.

inovex Meetups

Meetups are thematically focused events where people meet to discuss shared interests. At “inovex meetups”, IT enthusiasts who like to think outside the box meet up to share knowledge and socialise. Our meetups are held regularly at our locations in Karlsruhe, Cologne and Munich.

IoT Use Case

We are part of the IoT Use Case partner network. This is where people come together who want to help shape the future of industry through IIoT technology.


Königsweg is a consulting company based in Mannheim, which advises companies strategically on their way to digitization and helps to build up critical know-how and to anchor it sustainably in the company. For this, Königsweg u. a. developed various training or workshop formats, which we like to offer in cooperation with Königsweg complementary: Python training for both beginners and professionals.

Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is the result of a merger between the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and the Free Standards Group.

Open Knowledge Lab Karlsruhe

Code for Germany is an initiative created by the “Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland” in partnership with Code For America. The aim of the initiative is to promote developments in the area of transparency, open data, and civic tech in Germany.

PASS Deutschland e.V.

PASS Deutschland e.V. is an independent, non-commercial platform which supports the Microsoft SQL Server Community in Germany. It is part of the PASS International Community, which has 45,000 members.


Mind the Product is an international product community dedicated to the challenges, trends and developments of product management. As a platform, Mind the Product offers so-called ProductTanks.

School of AI

The School of AI is a non-profit organization working on a global scale.Its mission is to inspire people to learn how to make a positive impact on the world using AI technology.


As a cross-manufacturer community association, TDWI Germany e.V. focuses on promoting business intelligence and data warehousing, both in the traditional BI disciplines and in new application fields like agile BI and big data.

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