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With over 1200 members, the CyberForum e.V. is the largest regional high-tech entrepreneur network in Europe. inovex is part of that network.

The CyberForum is a Karlsruhe-based non-profit organisation aimed at facilitating the exchange of experiences, knowledge, contacts (networking) and ideas. It enables participating entrepreneurs to meet like-minded individuals and allows (natural) scientists and technology enthusiasts to network with economists, creatives, and business angels. The member companies represent fields such as software development, Internet portals, e-commerce, IT consulting, social media, gaming, IT security, software architecture, media agencies, Internet service providers, and the creative industry.

The CyberForum supports companies from the IT and high-tech industries in all phases of business development, from providing consulting for start-ups to assisting companies in recruiting skilled personnel and launching location marketing campaigns.

inovex is a member of the CyberForum e.V. Within this framework, the IT project experts also drive the research activities of the Digital Hub Karlsruhe, an organization which relies on the region’s wealth of expertise in applied artificial intelligence. The de:hub Karlsruhe Artificial Intelligence offers a hugely diverse range of players the opportunity to link their companies and activities and to further expand the AI ecosystem in the de:hub region through joint, coordinated offerings. The goal is to increase the use of AI methods and technologies.

Example: inovex AI use case: Using machine learning to determine shoe size

The technology radar published by Karlsruhe’s Applied AI Digital Hub provides a comprehensive overview for users of artificial intelligence. It introduces the AI technologies of the moment, discusses tried and true methods, and explains where more ‘trial and error’ is needed before a technology is ready for use. Due to the company’s long-standing expertise in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), inovex was part of the network of experts who contributed to the development of the AI technology radar. Along with other companies, we neutrally evaluated popular concepts such as TensorFlow, BERT, and supply chain optimization, and contributed our experiences in implementing a tremendous variety of AI models, algorithms, applications, frameworks, tools, and methods.

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