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HackerStolz e.V.

Hackerstolz is a young organisation from the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area which organizes hackathons, promotes digital culture, and advocates for the greater involvement of women in IT.

The organisation describes its goals as follows:

  1. Bread-and-butter basics: promoting expertise in working with digital media
  2. Multicultural: interdisciplinary, practically relevant transfer of programming knowledge
  3. Fun: hosting hacking contests, practice-based workshops and information events in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area and beyond
  4. Out of the ivory tower: ensuring that university course content is linked to real-world IT challenges
  5. Matchmaking: putting up-and-coming talent in touch with local IT industry professionals

These goals are very closely aligned with inovex’s corporate culture, and we appreciate the commitment of the group’s volunteers. We are, therefore, proud to support Hackerstolz, both generally in our capacity as a supporting member and specifically for special events in Karlsruhe.

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Public Relations & Cooperations