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The network around IoT Use Case includes over 70 partners and 15,000 users.

We are part of the partner network of IoT Use Case – a network of users and providers of IoT solutions. This is where people come together who want to help shape the future of the industry through IIoT technology. This includes not only IT companies, but also mechanical and plant engineering companies, industrial automation specialists and electronics manufacturers. IoT Use Case promotes the value of the Internet of Things on the basis of industry-specific use cases and invites you to exchange experiences.

In the partner network of IoT Use Case Network are experts from product and strategy development who help to leverage business potential with IoT – whether it is through predictive production process planning, integration of production factors such as warehouse, ERP or MES data or the synchronization of IT and OT data.

The database of the advisor platform (www.iotusecase.com) enables you to view over 350 use cases, project information and solutions from more than 80 industrial partners. Due to our diverse IoT projects, we publish our projects in the IoT Use Case network.

Read the publication about our IoT project realized for REFUstor.

More information is available on the IoT Use Case page or directly in our case studies section of our IoT projects.

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