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Königsweg – our Python Training Partner

In cooperation with our partner, the consulting company Königsweg, we offer Python Training – for beginners as well as professionals.

Prosperous digitization and smart integration of technological key concepts are two sides of the same medal. But among the vast amount of volatile technologies, which are the ones truly enhancing operational productivity and generating actual business value? Königsweg supports corporate and public clients in achieving better transformation results. Leveraging a broad network of subject matter experts, Königsweg consultants quickly identify and implement future-proof technologies across multiple business units. Their consulting teams steer clients through both, the development and hot-swap implementation of smart data and data science. Königsweg commits to know-how transfer and open-source philosophies. Thus, they enable clients to anchor sound data competencies in their in-house teams. Furthermore, Königsweg provides valuable advice on digital growth and go-to-market strategies to csuite executives.

In this context, Königsweg sustainably qualifies its clients in data analysis and visualization using open source applications.

We offer Python training for beginners and professionals in cooperation with Königsweg. The ‘Python Basic Training’ teaches the elementary basics of object-oriented programming with Python, without requiring participants to have any in-depth programming knowledge. The ‘Python for Analysts Training’ provides deeper insight into Python’s analysis options for advanced users.

Click here for the Python Basics Training

Click here for the Python for Analysts Training

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