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TDWI Germany e. V.

As a cross-manufacturer community association, TDWI Germany e.V. focuses on promoting business intelligence and data warehousing, both in the traditional BI disciplines and in new application fields like agile BI and big data. Over the past few years, the TDWI has developed into an important platform for the BI scene. It uses major industry events, publications, networking and round-table meetings at many locations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria to add impetus to the BI community and facilitate dialogue.

TDWI associations are active in many countries all over the world and currently have over 6,000 corporate and individual members, including over 900 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As part of the TDWI community, inovex is actively involved in discussing topics and trends in the BI market and participates in intensive knowledge sharing, both at TDWI conferences and by holding its own information events, like the "BI Briefing".

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