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inovex Culture

inovex thrives on an open, trust-based corporate culture which takes equal account of the needs of its employees and its customers.

Positiver Umgang ist die Basis

Vertrauen und Eigenverantwortung

The inovex corporate culture is based on positive interaction. This applies to both our collaboration with each other and to our relationships with our customers and partners. Appreciation is one of the most important pillars. We steer clear of rigid hierarchies and micro-managing, preferring instead to rely on trust and personal responsibility.

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This enables us to form agile, self-organized teams to react flexibly to changes.

We believe that innovation and excellence can thrive only in an environment characterised by freedom, openness, and trust. As employees, we aim to create a work atmosphere which is geared to our needs and in which we feel completely comfortable. Factors include flexible working hours and workspaces, individual training budgets, and active participation in making decisions which help shape inovex’s future.

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Managing Director