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Open Source

We consider open source an important part of IT development. Not only, therefore, do we use open-source technologies in our customer projects, but we also actively participate in open-source ventures and release our own code to the open-source community.

inovex is committed to the open-source concept, which gives everyone free access to collaboratively developed software. Using open-source software (OSS) frees us from provider constraints and fosters our connection to an innovative and motivated community.

In about ninety percent of inovex projects, we use open-source software across our entire technological stack. This is a decision which is particularly beneficial to our customers. It enables us to carry out their projects in an open environment that avoids vendor lock-in and is constantly evolving through the active participation of the community.

Independent of the requirements of our customers, however, we as a company feel a connection to the open-source idea.

Open-Source Collaboration at inovex

We consider ourselves an active part of the open-source community. A large number of our employees work on open-source projects – both their own and inovex-funded – and contribute new features, bug fixes, and community support to the creation of new software.

Our customers also benefit from our expertise in dealing with OSS and the community. We offer consulting specifically on the use and development of open-source software.

Open-Source Software from inovex

inovex is currently actively supporting the further development of the following open-source projects:


Siegel für Forschung und Entwicklung des BSFZ

Our innovation-driven work and scientific research have earned us the BSFZ seal for entrepreneurial innovation competence.

Attractify is one of our eligible projects with which we have secured financial support for our research and development projects.

If you are also interested in applying for the research grant, we will be happy to advise you.

Case Studies

PRAMAC Storage Systems: The energy transition as a driver of smarter storage

Together with PRAMAC Storage Systems, an energy management system has been created that networks, monitors and intelligently controls devices and systems for generating and storing energy independently of manufacturers and communication standards.


Azena: Developing an IoT Ecosystem for Security Cameras

Together with Azena, we have developed an IoT solution for security cameras in order to be able to connect camera types from different manufacturers and systems and to install modern features on them using apps. The cameras independently take on tasks that go far beyond activating movement or counting people.


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