Social Involvement

Involvement and responsibility are two of our corporate culture's key values. We adhere to these principles in both our projects and in our daily work. We want to make our own contribution to society and to support those who are disadvantaged or who need particular assistance. We consider it important to provide practical support directly where it is needed.

LOAN Stiftung

LOAN Stiftung

One of the aims of the LOAN Stiftung foundation is to give children from remote regions – and particularly those belonging to ethnic minorities – an independent future. A proper education is a key requirement in this. The LOAN Stiftung currently supports schools in northern Vietnam by providing funds for teaching materials, as well as for food and lodging.

How we support the LOAN Stiftung

Refugee Relief through the Flüchtlingshilfe Hamburg-Wandsbek

Refugee Relief Hamburg-Wandsbek

In major cities like Hamburg, there are a large number of volunteer associations which contribute a great deal to supporting and integrating refugees. In order to coordinate these efforts, the "Welcome to Wandsbek" portal provides an overview of the services available. inovex provides financial support for the initiative.

How we support the refugee initiative Hamburg-Wandsbek

KiWi – Kinder der Welt integrieren (Integrating the world’s children)

KiWi (Integrating the world's children)

The “Kinder der Welt integrieren” (KiWi) initiative in the Enzkreis area assists children and young people fleeing war and persecution. inovex GmbH is providing an initial six-month donation to enable KiWi to employ a temporary administrative and networking assistant.

How we support the KiWi inititative

Lebenshilfe Pforzheim Enzkreis e. V.

Lebenshilfe Pforzheim Enzkreis e. V.

"Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit Behinderungen Pforzheim Enzkreis e. V." ("Assistance for People with Disabilities in the Pforzheim Enzkreis Area") is a charitable organisation which brings together people with disabilities, their parents and other relatives, legal guardians, professionals, sponsors and friends. The association's mission and purpose is to enable people with disabilities to achieve as normal a life as possible, allowing them to participate in society and lead independent lives.

How we support the Lebenshilfe organisation

Flying Hope e. V.

Flying Hope

"Flying Hope - Das Pilotennetzwerk für kranke Kinder" ("The Sick Children's Pilot Network") is a charitable association which organises free flights for children who, due to their physical, mental or psychological condition, are dependent on others for assistance and whose families lack the necessary funds.

How we support Flying Hope

The Karlsruhe Schools Robotics Cup

The Karlsruhe Schools Robotics Cup

The Karlsruhe Schools Robotics Cup is a school competition featuring homemade robots. It has been held on Saturday 13 June 2015 in the auditorium of the Bismarck Gymnasium school in Karlsruhe. The aim of the contest is to raise awareness of and promote technical training in schools in the technology region of Karlsruhe.

How we support the Karlsruhe Schools Robotics Cup

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