Coding for Charity

inovex is developing a software solution for the emergency medical services.

Igor Lankin

inovex supports various social projects, including by doing what we do best: developing software. We have launched a project to support the coordination of emergency services at major events under the name “Coding for Charity”, in collaboration with the German Red Cross’ disaster relief teams. Student employees are teaming up with experienced developers, designers and software architects to develop a software solution for operation management – specifically for the emergency medical services.

The DRK assumes the role of the customer, specifies the requirements, provides technical input and issues approvals. The inovex team is working in sprints based on the scrum framework and presents the progress every two weeks. Currently, the team working on the application consists of three students, three experienced developers, UI / UX experts, as well as a scrum master and a product owner. More colleagues will be added in future.

Coding for Charity serves two purposes. On the one hand, the DRC (and gradually more emergency medical services) is receiving a professionally developed technical solution that makes work easier and ensures that patients can be cared for even faster. On the other hand, the students involved in the project can gain project experience early on and learn from professionals directly in the field.

With the development of this software solution, there are specific requirements that are not or are only inadequately covered by current commercial solutions. These requirements were identified together with the DRC and professionally implemented with the inovex team. The application should of course be easy to use, but also presents the team with technical challenges, for example distributed data synchronization (multiple concurrent users), offline capability (no Internet in the field), immutability of event logs (stand up in court), privacy (patient data!) and much more. The team opted for a modern webstack as a technology stack. The frontend uses Typescript with React; the backend runs on Kotlin with Spring Boot 2.

If you have any questions about the “Coding for Charity” project, please contact Igor Lankin or Peter Dimitri.

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