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On Girls’ Day, inovex opens its doors to schoolgirls interested in learning more about IT.

Das typografische Logo des Girls'DayGirls’Day is a national initiative in which companies, factories and universities throughout Germany open their doors to female pupils of the fifth class and above who want to learn more about IT, trades, natural sciences and technology – careers in which women are, unfortunately, still underrepresented.

Girls’Day is the world’s largest career initiative for female students. Since its inaugural event in 2001, approximately 1.9 million girls have participated. In 2018, around 100,000 girls explored options in technology and the natural sciences, and more than 10,000 opportunities were offered by companies and organisations on the Girls’Day website.

inovex has participated in Girls’Day events in the past, during which staff members spent a whole day demonstrating the exciting opportunities offered by the IT world to girls aged between 12 and 15. The pupils were, for example, able to meet our robot, Pepper and to explore its functions and give it commands –under the expert guidance of our mentors, of course. The day also included a great deal of discussion about various IT-related career options and courses of study.

The next Girls’Day will be held on 22th April 2021 online.

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Girls’ Day Akademie

Girls' Day AkademieThe Girls’Day Akademie is a voluntary programme for girls in classes 7 to 10 who are interested in the natural sciences and technology. Members meet weekly during the school year and the programme can be implemented by any school providing a general education. Participating girls learn scientific and technological principles through hands-on experience at companies or colleges.

inovex is one of the Girls’Day Akademie education partners and offers schoolgirls two days of practical insights into the world of IT. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, the girls at last year’s Girls’Day in March 2018 had the opportunity to program their own musical compositions using Sonic PI. The second day focused on “virtual worlds”, and the girls learned to use their own smartphones to experience a rollercoaster in 3D and to design their own labyrinths. The girls were extremely interested in the material presented and obviously thoroughly enjoyed both days.

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Head of Marketing & Communications