Natural Sciences & Technology Initiative

inovex is involved in the educational initiative to attract young people to STEM/MINT subjects.

Initiative Naturwissenschaft & Technik

The Natural Science & Technology (NAT) initiative was founded in 2007 to attract young people to STEM subjects [known as MINT in German, which refers to mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology] through projects and ideas. inovex, along with other companies and five higher education institutions in Hamburg, is involved in this educational initiative.

Through the support provided by inovex and other companies, the NAT initiative provides early-stage practical guidance to help students choose occupations and courses of study. By facilitating contact between experts from science and business and students, the initiative raises student awareness of the large number of professions which rely on scientific knowledge and the opportunities STEM/MINT disciplines can offer.

inovex is part of the NAT initiative’s mint:pro gifted student promotion programme, which promotes young talent and offers secondary school students interested in STEM/MINT subjects the opportunity to engage more intensively with computer science and future technologies. Students are, for example, currently involved in a six-month practical project to develop an AI concept.

The aim of the initiative is to interest more young people in these subjects. By providing early-stage encouragement, it aims to improve students’ qualifications. This not only improves individuals’ career opportunities, but also secures the long-term innovative capacity of Hamburg as a location for science and technology.

In order to give young people the opportunity to clarify all of their questions, regarding their future in STEM disciplines, in a personal conversation, the mint:match initiative was created. The portal brings students and experts together.

The NAT initiative, in conjunction with inovex and other companies, local businesses, and universities from the Hanseatic city, is also committed to attracting a larger proportion of women to STEM/MINT disciplines. Through the mint:pink support programme for female students, inovex assigns experts in specialist fields to female students as mentors.

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