Donation to the Jugendaktionskongress (youth action congress – JAK)

A week full of workshops and campaigns relating to the subject of sustainability organised by the BUNDjugend Baden-Württemberg youth organisation.


Under the motto ‘We make the world how we like it!’, the JAK (youth action congress) ran a week of workshops and campaigns relating to the subject of sustainability at the Spitalhofschule school in Ulm, for all those aged 14 to 27.

The JAK is organised by the BUNDjugend Baden-Württemberg youth organisation, with the support of inovex by way of a donation and the strong commitment of an ‘inovexer’.

From 28 October to 3 November 2019, the 27th JAK featured workshops with talks and discussions on subjects such as climate justice, food sharing and how to take to the streets for your convictions.

On Thursday, there followed discussions with politicians regarding policy, climate protection and social justice.

There was a campaign in Ulm city centre on Saturday designed to raise awareness about agriculture and intensive livestock farming.

In the BUNDjugend, children and young people get involved in groups, workshops, campaigns, projects, protests and demonstrations, interacting with the public for the protection of nature and the environment, as well as global justice – in favour of sustainable development.

The BUNDjugend is the independent youth organisation of the BUND (the German federation for protection of the environment and nature – Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland), which has over half a million members and sponsors throughout Germany.

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