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inovex Supports Initiative for Young Refugees: “Integrating the World’s Children”

KiWi (“Kinder der Welt integrieren” – Integrating the World’s Children) offers psychological counselling for traumatised children and young adults

Stephan Müller bei KiWi - Kinder der Welt integrieren
Stephan Müller at KiWi

The increasing number of refugees is currently presenting Germany and Europe with new challenges. In rural districts and municipalities, in particular, there is an immediate need for action in order to meet people’s basic needs after their stressful journeys, and subsequently to integrate them into local structures in their new environments. In such cases, it is often the youngest refugees who bear serious trauma and psychological effects from their experiences.

KiWi is taking care of these children in the Mühlacker and Pforzheim areas by organising small, supervised groups in which children can process their experiences and discuss them with others of the same age who have undergone similar ones. In addition to employing trained psychotherapists, this work necessitates collaboration with similar initiatives and volunteer helpers, as well as the creation of an interpreter network.

In order to accelerate this process – and thus to ensure that assistance is provided as swiftly as possible to those who need it – inovex is supporting KiWi with a monthly donation of 1500 euros for a period of six months. This money will be used to employ a temporary administrative assistant to coordinate the necessary networking activities.

Addendum of 04.07.2016: inovex extends its support of the refugee initiative KiWi with a donation of 4,000 euros to enable the timely establishment of another support group specifically for girls.

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