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Lebenshilfe Pforzheim Enzkreis e. V.

The Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit Behinderungen Pforzheim Enzkreis e. V. is a charitable association founded in 1962. The association brings together people with disabilities, their parents and other relatives, as well as their legal guardians, professionals, sponsors and friends.

Lebenshilfe Pforzheim Enzkreis e. V.

The association’s mission and purpose is to achieve as normal a life as possible for people with disabilities, allowing them to participate in society and lead independent lives. The Lebenshilfe Pforzheim Enzkreis e. V. operates 5 locations and employs over 500 people with disabilities. They are employed in assembly and packaging work, caretaking duties, landscaping and gardening, metalworking, carpentry and electrical work. People with disabilities are encouraged and trained, undergoing targeted training to enable them to take up a profession (in the workshop for people with disabilities, an external job or on the general job market).

The Counselling, Children and Family department provides services to ease the burden on families, as well as group and counselling services. It also includes the Montessori Kinderhaus, care for school-age children and a counselling centre for questions and issues relating to disability.

In the Pforzheim area and in the Enzkreis, the organisation provides unique living options for people with disabilities (in accordance with integrated assistance programmes). There are a total of 172 living options with round-the-clock assistance and around 90 supported living options. The charity also provides structured daytime programmes for seniors.
We support the Lebenshilfe Pforzheim Enzkreis e. V. and enjoy knowing that our regular annual donations are used precisely where they are needed. We were, for example, able to purchase a new kitchen and other furniture for the daycare centre. The terrace area has been completely updated, and renovations are planned for the day room. We are currently a member of the association.

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