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inovex supports the LOAN Stiftung foundation

The non-profit initiative is committed to helping disadvantaged children around the world.

LOAN Stiftung

One of the aims of the LOAN Stiftung foundation is to give children from remote regions – and particularly those belonging to ethnic minorities – an independent future. A proper education is a key requirement in this. The LOAN Stiftung currently supports schools in northern Vietnam by providing funds for teaching materials, as well as for food and lodging.

The LOAN Stiftung foundation was established by Isabelle Müller, a writer and the wife of inovex founder Stephan Müller. Together with her Vietnamese mother Dau-Thi-Cuc, known as Loan, she travelled around south-east Asia in the 1990s to discover her roots. The mother of two children herself, the future of children in northern Vietnam is particularly close to her heart. The Vietnamese government supports the LOAN Stiftung foundation and the Vietnamese social services oversee the projects at a local level, while Isabelle Müller visits Vietnam regularly to personally check on their progress. inovex is delighted to support the foundation, as we know that 100% of every euro is spent in helping children.

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