Volunteers among our Employees

In addition to their jobs, many of our colleagues also carry out voluntary work. We would like to recognise their social involvement by showcasing some of their efforts here.

Igor Lankin, Head of Cloud Development at inovex: First Aid Services and Coding for Charity

Igor Lankin

“I’m a medical volunteer for the local emergency preparedness team, part of the Karlsruhe branch of the German Red Cross. This group provides first aid and medical services for KSC football matches and various other events, including DAS FEST, one of the biggest open air events in Germany. The event requires over 120 on-site volunteers, including emergency doctors, first aiders and helpers, all of whom bring a great deal of commitment and dedication to their duties. I'm also involved from time to time in the social media team which provides insights into the group’s work via social networks.”

“We founded the Coding for Charity project”

“Particularly at major events, the organisation and coordination of emergency personnel is a tremendous task. Everything needs to be handled rapidly to ensure that the right people reach the location of an emergency as quickly as possible. This is why we founded the inovex “Coding for Charity” project, a volunteer initiative in which I’m also involved. Students and experienced software developers and architects use the latest technologies and creative ideas to develop software for coordinating relief efforts. In an emergency, the app ensures that coordinators are quickly informed and that emergency teams can be optimally despatched. In many cases, every minute counts.

The idea for Coding for Charity came from the employees themselves, and inovex immediately agreed to support us by donating staff, time and financial resources to the project. I think it’s great that I can combine my voluntary work with my day job and that we’re also giving back to the community. The app not only helps the German Red Cross; it can be used by any medical or emergency service.”

Matthias Rodi, Systems Engineer: Theatre and Circus Volunteer

Igor Lankin

“I’m a volunteer lighting and sound designer for an amazing amateur theatre in Bruchsal called Die Koralle e. V. It’s an interactive theatre which gives amateur actors the opportunity to try their hands at performing. I’m able to combine my voluntary work well with my day job because I can flexibly schedule my working hours according to my workload.”

“We’re always looking for people who want to participate, whether on stage or behind the scenes.”

“At the moment, we’re heavily dependent on outside help. We might need to vacate our premises in 2022, as there’s no guarantee that the lease on our building will be extended. We’re not sure what’ll happen after that. It would be great if we could find people who could help us look for a new building – or even get us a new building in Bruchsal. We are also looking for donations. Even if we were to find a new building ourselves, we would need approximately 500,000 euros to convert it to our requirements. If anyone would be interesting in helping us with our mission, please email us at info@diekoralle.de.

Secondly, I’m also a volunteer (and a member of the Board) for the Zirkus Confetti e.V., where I’m an acrobatics and diabolo instructor. I'm also responsible for the technical coordination for our major gala events. The Zirkus Confetti e.V. is a children’s and youth circus whose main aim is to encourage children and young people aged 6 to 18 to participate in circus arts.”

Christina Rasimus-Aust, Online Marketing Manager: PR work for nursery school

Christina Rasimus-Aust

“In addition to my job at inovex, I do voluntary PR work for my daughter’s nursery, the Evangelische Kindergarten Spielberg. This year, the nursery celebrated its 160th anniversary, so there were a great many events to report on. I’m always there, taking photos and writing announcements, press releases, sponsor communications and thank-you notes. And then there are photos which need editing and sharing, and so on.”

“Thanks to my flexible working hours and home office, my voluntary work is easy to manage.”

“The events are usually – but not always – held at weekends. Press releases for these events need to be written and sent to media editors in time to meet printing deadlines. This can sometimes mean working under pressure. At times like that, it’s useful to be able to save myself the drive to the office and work from home instead. This allows me to use the hour I would normally spend travelling to do something else. My flexible working hours also allow me to carry out photography assignments for the nursery, for example, and then to go to work afterwards. I can make up my hours later. These options mean that I can fit in my volunteer activities around my career and family obligations.”

Zoran Cupic, Big Data & Data Science intern: Online Anti-Hate-Speech Project

Zoran Cupic

“I and a couple of other students from my university founded the Speak4Tolerance project. Speak4Tolerance is a challenge-based project which aims to raise awareness of the problem of online hate speech. Hate speech, online harassment and cyberbullying are very current problems which now carry legal and criminal penalties. These forms of abuse include verbal insults, slander or mudslinging and threatening people online.”

“We wanted people to actively commit to respectful interaction.”

"We wanted to do something about the problem. We wanted people to actively commit to respectful online interaction, and this grew into a competition in which everyone could participate via Facebook. The competition is now over and the prizes have been awarded, but we were truly overwhelmed by the level of resonance our challenge achieved and by the number of people who got involved. It showed us that people are open to the idea and actually much prefer being nice to one another. We will definitely be organising more challenges in future.”

Press article schwäbische.de

Christian Gosch, Systems Architect: Volunteer at Bündnis für Familie

Igor Lankin

“I’m the moderator of the Arbeitsgruppe Kinderbetreuung (Childcare Working Group) in the Bündnis für Familie Pforzheim (Pforzheim Family Alliance). This working group is currently the only working group in the Alliance, but its focus is a topic not only of regional, superregional and even national importance, but it also has international resonance, for example in the American election race.”

“Childcare is the most important element in the political topic of combining family and career.”

“The Pforzheim Family Alliance comprises a steering committee made up of representatives of various family-related institutions and stakeholders. It also includes a speaker from each working group, the Alliance’s partners (in Pforzheim there are approximately 70 such partners, mainly welfare organisations, schools, etc.) and the working groups. As of late, the Alliance has also been represented in the local municipal Youth Assistance Committee. 

The childcare working group elected me to be their steering committee speaker, which is why I’m also a member of that committee. The steering committee elected me to be the Alliance’s deputy representative on the Jugendhilfeausschuss [Youth Assistance Committee].

The Pforzheim Family Alliance is one of many such alliances in Germany. Although they are all organised and structured differently, they are all social policy lobbying groups. As such, they represent the interests of the family at the level of local politics, and the issue is one which affects almost all areas of local policy.

Jörg Ruckelshauß

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