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Automation of Subscription Management, Recurring Billing and Payments 

With its subscription management and recurring billing platform, billwerk helps European subscription providers succeed worldwide. To this end, the platform meets the highest standards of innovation and quality and is integrated into the ecosystems of leading third-party providers.
The platform also complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the German financial data management regulations (GoBD) and distinguishes itself through its end-to-end automation of all subscription processes and systems. The company’s aims are to optimise and accelerate recurring processes, reduce process costs, and to ensure and further increase quality standards.
billwerk was founded in 2015. Today, 45 employees in the company’s Frankfurt am Main (headquarters), Minsk (Belarus), and Gdańsk (Poland) offices are involved in developing and marketing the platform. The company considers itself an architect and pioneer of Europe’s transition to subscription-based business practices.

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