inovex is a dbt partner

dbt (short for data build tool) is an SQL-based open source tool that enables companies to transform data more easily and effectively within their data warehouses. It uses a combination of modular SQL and various software development standards to optimally create, manage and test transformation models.

Modularity in particular, as a best practice in software development, facilitates the maintainability of projects. Through modular SQL statements, the business logic can be mapped in dbt, which makes the development more accessible not only for engineers but also for business experts. A single data model always consists of a single select statement and can be referenced by other models. Dependencies, tables and views resulting from this are then automatically and optimally derived and created by dbt. This eliminates the need to write complicated DDL and DML processes and creates reusable, modular data models that can also be easily used in further analysis. This avoids time-consuming and error-prone changes to the data transformation across many systems and is instead carried out centrally in the modular dbt data models. In addition, it is also possible to accelerate new projects, as existing data models can be reused and do not have to be created again. 

In addition to the creation of data models, tests can also be created quickly and easily with dbt to continuously ensure the quality of your data and the data models derived from it. In the process, detailed documentation is always dynamically created for all tests. dbt also enables easy integration into systems such as GitHub and thus allows for simple and clear version control of your data models, easy separation between production and development environments and the implementation of CI/CD paradigms, which in combination leads to better quality data products.

As an official partner of dbt, we support you in the development in your company, whether locally with dbt Core or in the cloud via dbt Cloud. By making the best use of dbt, you can both increase the quality and reliability of your data and gain insights from it more easily. We will also advise you on which data platforms natively supported by dbt, such as Snowflake, databricks or Azure Synapse, are suitable as a sensible addition to your needs and existing infrastructure.

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Christian Meder

Chief Technology Officer