Managing Hybrid Cloud Clusters with Kubernetes Federation


Keep control of your data while simultaneously using the features of Google Container Engine.

Our offer:

Especially in Germany, many companies attach importance to storing sensitive data locally – which effectively denies them the use of Google's powerful cloud computing services.

We have therefore developed a hybrid cloud approach with e-shelters data centers and inovex Cloud Services as a persistence layer that fits these requirements. The setup allows users to keep data on-premises while utilising Google Container Engine (GKE). A Kubernetes Federation Plane serves as the headquarters for Cluster Management, which distributes the burden between e-shelter and GKE.

Your advantage:

  • Simplify cluster management in hybrid clouds with federation
  • Hybrid cloud approach easily integrable with existing persistence layer
  • Data can be kept on-premises as GKE intercepts load peaks

Technologies used:

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Google Container Engine
Nils Domrose

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Nils Domrose

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