inovex is a Quobyte partner

Quobyte is a software-based storage solution for automating data storage devices in data centres. Data centre operators benefit from simple, efficient storage solutions and management. Quobyte greatly reduces the current complexity of IT infrastructures in data centres. Customers can build an IT infrastructure as efficient as those operated by Google and Amazon.

Quobyte can be used on any application and offers file, block and object storage. The storage solution features unlimited scalability and automatically aligns to changing requirements. The load-balanced system is completely error-tolerant and offers considerable advances in data security and management. Quobyte eliminates maintenance and downtime. The system is self-healing and flexible and, where needed, can automatically access the nearest available physical resource. Quobyte is compatible with all relevant hardware providers.

Quobyte storage software reduces costs and provides greater security and flexibility while ensuring optimum, simple operation and control via a user-friendly GUI.

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Chief Technology Officer