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inovex is Stackable partner

Stackable is a modern open-source data platform from Germany. The Stackable Data Platform bundles proven big data technologies, thereby adding an open, flexible option for different solution scenarios to the inovex portfolio. The innovative new open-source distribution makes it possible to build and operate custom state-of-the-art data infrastructures for scenarios such as data warehousing, data lakes, event streaming, machine learning, and data meshes.

Our partnership with Stackable enables us to combine our many years of experience in data management with Stackable’s expertise and products to implement custom-tailored data architectures for our customers.

Stackable is a German-made open-source data platform which relies entirely on freely available software – from the control level to the platform components. The open platform gives customers maximum flexibility in their choice of solutions while eliminating the risk of vendor lock-in. At the same time, Stackable offers a completely free version, and it can be used flexibly on-premises, in hybrid solutions, or in a multi-cloud setup.

Its everything-as-code approach means that the Stackable Data Platform optimally supports DevOps processes. This allows companies of all sizes to easily integrate the data platforms into their respective IT infrastructures.

Stackable’s core competence lies in the company’s expertise in operating data infrastructures. This knowledge is incorporated into a number of Kubernetes operators which allow the deployment and operation of all components of the Stackable Data Platform to be monitored and controlled. This, at last, enables customers to combine their existing knowledge with tools from the Kubernetes ecosystem to manage their big data and streaming infrastructures.

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Chief Technology Officer