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Knowledge of methods and technologies: practical and flexible. Our training offer for your success.

Why inovex Academy?

Our offer

The inovex Academy has set itself the task of passing on knowledge about methods and technologies that we already use successfully in our projects. With our training offering, we want to provide a basis for long-term further development.


Our trainers come from the field. They have been working in their respective domains for many years and are experts.

Hands-on training

We believe that the less frontal parts a training contains, the better it is. That’s why practical application is at the forefront of our training.

Flexible content

Many of our trainings can be flexibly designed by the participants. Particularly in the case of inhouse trainings, the agenda can usually be individually adapted to the needs of the trainees.

Training forms

Training forms according to your needs: Open trainings take place on fixed dates in mixed groups at an inovex location, inhouse trainings you book individually – configurable as desired.

Inhouse training

  • Training agenda customizable to the group and the project
  • Confidential atmosphere (trainers are under NDA)
  • Configurable according to your needs: place, time, language, tooling

Open training

  • optimal for individuals
  • new impulses from other participants
  • getting to know other people interested in tech


Business Intelligence
Data Engineering
Data Science
Product Management
Software Craftsmanship*

Business Intelligence

Software Craftsmanship*

*We use the established term "Craftsmanship" here, but of course this includes all people.
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Collin Rogowski
Head of inovex Academy
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Collin Rogowski

Head of inovex Academy