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  • Customized solution for your data, focus on security and data protection
  • Focus on intuitive applications
  • Tried-and-tested approach – numerous AI assistants developed for companies
  • In-depth understanding of topics relating to data & AI

Use cases for own AI assistants

Customer care and support

Fast and intuitive access to relevant information in natural language.

Digital assistants

Decision support for experts through the automated processing and summarization of many data sources.

Content Generation

Automated generation of texts or images for more efficient creation of marketing materials, for example.

And much more!

We will be happy to help you define your individual use cases.

Our success model: Your way to your own GPT solution

Every company is unique and not all data has a standardised structure – but the rough process for a custom AI assistant is the same. In addition to ChatGPT, we also have experience with other AI solutions such as Aleph-Alpha, Llama and Mixtral.

An initial workshop forms the basis for a successful project and aims to understand your requirements and objectives. We look together at the existing processes and systems in your company in order to derive potential use cases or to concretise and prioritise already defined use cases.

The data-bearing systems must be made available and understandable for the AI assistant. Depending on the use case, this may involve internal documentation, manuals, databases or interfaces to machine data.

The implementation includes the targeted development of the AI assistant for your use case. To do this, we use modern technologies that can be meaningfully integrated into your technology stack and easily expanded.

A comprehensive handover concludes the project. To establish the AI assistant as a tool in your company, we can support you in iterative improvement by developing new features or training your employees.

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Case study

In collaboration with Open Grid Europe GmbH, inovex has developed a chatbot with an AI agent that offers low-threshold access to company data.

Read the case study

Let your data speak!

We would be happy to discuss your personal requirements and how you can best utilise your data via ChatGPT in an initial meeting.

Advantages of GPT technology in the corporate context

Using YourGPT with your own data without risks: a quick overview.

Reduction of costs

Despite the initial investment, they save money in the long term: repetitive tasks and communication channels are simplified.

Increased efficiency

Ask questions in natural language – your data and the AI will provide the answers.

Knowledge transfer

Internal documentation, processes and structures can be passed on to your employees without any detours.


You can view the source of the output at any time – the origin of the data is always clear.

Data protection & security

The AI assistant runs on your IT infrastructure – there are no data protection conflicts and your data remains secure.

Better accessibility

Offer your customers a better service without the hassle of configuring simple chatbots.

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  • Fast and efficient information procurement
  • Real-time decision support
  • Improved customer service and interaction