Digitalisation of the automotive industry

The future of automobility is digital. IT systems not only create new production processes for the automotive industry, but also a new user experience for end customers.

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Modern cloud infrastructures support more than just Industry 4.0 production processes. They also provide an optimal platform for managing vehicles and components.

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Embedded systems

Using embedded systems, we can network individual components or entire systems with each other. Thanks to our interdisciplinary expertise, we can cost-effectively meet the high requirements for security, maintainability and reliability of the systems.

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Predictive maintenance

We use modern machine learning algorithms to ensure operational reliability. Predictive maintenance enables the most accurate possible prediction of upcoming maintenance tasks and also makes it possible to detect anomalies in the workflow.

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    Questions on digitalisation in the automotive industry

    How is it ensured that the connected car system provides high availability and fast transmission of data in order to offer an optimal user experience?

    Modern connected car systems have to meet significantly higher expectations than in recent years. Users require a high level of user experience, performance and convenience. In order to implement this, the systems must be OTA-capable (over-the-air updates) and developed with a modern software engineering approach.

    How can the connected car system be seamlessly integrated with existing IT systems and processes to ensure optimal efficiency and collaboration?

    On the way to the Software Defined Vehicle, the virtues and experiences of modern software development such as DevOps, CI / CD and TDD are in the foreground. The key to success lies in the integration of connected car systems into the overall development process. Embedded systems must not be viewed and developed separately, but as a holistic product. This is how we understand embedded systems in the connected car environment and develop holistic solutions across system and hardware boundaries.

    Which security and protection challenges against unauthorized access need to be solved in the modern connected car environment?

    Modern connected vehicles offer far-reaching functions that require special protection. From remote access via apps to interaction with the cloud or charging stations, the connected car offers a multitude of interfaces. Modern software development methods and security engineering make it possible to protect data through encryption or to clearly identify it through certificates.