Digitalisation of the industry

Industry 4.0 has the potential to fundamentally change manufacturing and work processes. We help to transform and automate your processes.

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Our IT solutions for industry

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Internet of Things

A key driver of Industry 4.0 is the Internet of Things (IoT). Networking machines and plants enables companies to automate and optimise their production processes. This saves time and costs.

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Predictive Maintenance

Using predictive maintenance methods, we help you to predict the future condition of your machines and systems, thereby enabling you to minimize downtime and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Data science

The digitalisation of industrial equipment creates a multitude of new data points. Our data scientists help you with intelligent processing and analysis to generate added value or even new business areas.

Digitalisation in practice

Our industry case studies

PRAMAC Storage Systems: The energy transition as a driver of smarter storage

Together with PRAMAC Storage Systems, an energy management system has been created that networks, monitors and intelligently controls devices and systems for generating and storing energy independently of manufacturers and communication standards.


KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH: Real-time detection of anomalies in measuring instruments

As part of their Service Meister (Service Master) research project, SMEs KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH and inovex have designed a system which uses machine learning to automatically detect and evaluate anomalies in measuring instruments.


Azena: Developing an IoT Ecosystem for Security Cameras

Together with Azena, we have developed an IoT solution for security cameras in order to be able to connect camera types from different manufacturers and systems and to install modern features on them using apps. The cameras independently take on tasks that go far beyond activating movement or counting people.


RATIONAL AG: ConnectedCooking – IoT Platform

With ConnectedCooking, inovex and RATIONAL have built an innovative IoT platform for the catering kitchen and rolled it out globally.


Questions on industry digitalisation

How important is IT security in Industry 4.0?

In Industry 4.0, many processes and systems are automated and networked. This increases the vulnerability to cyberattacks. Strong IT security is therefore indispensable to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of information and systems. Our projects can involve developers who are also experts in IT security. They implement comprehensive measures to prevent the failure of IT systems and avoid damage and losses that can affect productivity, quality and safety.

How do I generate added value with my data?

It is important that companies in Industry 4.0 develop a data strategy to make good use of the available data. This includes both the collection and the processing of the data to make it usable.
Then you can use data analysis and other tools to gain insights that help to improve processes, products and services. For example, data from machines and plants can be used to detect malfunctions at an early stage and thus avoid failures and the associated costs.

At the same time, the newly acquired data can also promote innovation in the company and give rise to new business models.

How do I start the transformation to Industry 4.0?

The transformation to Industry 4.0 is a complex process that requires careful planning and preliminary considerations. We are convinced that digitalisation cannot happen overnight, but is an iterative process over several stages.

In our workshops, we help you to check prior to the start of the project whether the transformation is worthwhile and what benefits it will bring. We review with you what the goal of digitalising your production is: an increase in efficiency, quality improvement or the development of new business areas.

Afterwards, we can determine in an initial proof of concept which technologies best fit your use case – from powerful IT infrastructure to intelligent data analysis tools.

Our project offer is flanked by our training courses, in which we empower your employees to continue driving digitalisation independently.

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  • IoT integration for better production processes
  • Intelligent data analysis through data science
  • Less downtime through predictive maintenance