Digitalisation for the retail industry

The digitalisation of retail helps to react to the changing buying behaviour of consumers and also to fundamentally transform the purchasing, warehousing and sales processes.

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Our IT solutions for the retail industry

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A modern IT infrastructure makes many core elements of digitalisation possible in the first place – intelligent data analyses, decentralised control of logistics and sales, or a multichannel strategy. We help you evaluate which system makes the most sense for your use case and take care of the implementation.

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Recommender Systems

Recommender systems significantly guide the usage and purchasing behaviour of consumers, and many see this as a perquisite for a successful customer experience. We help create systems that always display the right product.

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Data Science

Data science is the key to digital transformation. Big data simplifies purchasing and sales processes and adds new dimensions to them – from the management of warehouse capacities to the optimisation of sales through machine learning.

Digitalisation in practice

Our retail case studies

dm-drogerie markt: Development of a Fully Automated Data Centre for the Online Shop

When a major brand like dm strategically enters the online market, it creates high expectations. For this reason, their IT subsidiary FILIADATA, which has been responsible for all dm’s IT systems since 1988, launched a project in 2013 which was aimed at laying the foundations for reliable, fail-safe IT operations for These included creating a large, fully automated Linux infrastructure in the data centre on which sophisticated web services like the online shop can be operated.


HORNBACH: Creation of an Analytics Platform

inovex has created a customer reviews analysis platform for HORNBACH.
One of the motivations for the project was HORNBACH’s goal of analysing reviews on social platforms such as Google Maps. These reviews are provided by customers after visiting one of HORNBACH’s hardware and DIY stores. They include such information as which store the customer visited, how they felt about their buying experience, etc. The aim of the analysis platform is to use anonymised data to determine how customers view their shopping experiences at HORNBACH stores. The company also wanted the analysis results to be presented visually and attractively, with the end goal of identifying potential for increasing sales.


REWE digital: Demand Forecasting for REWE’s Delivery Service

inovex and REWE’s collaboration in the area of supply chain optimisation has focused particularly intensively on REWE’s IT subsidiary, REWE digital.
This particular project involved developing demand forecasting for REWE’s delivery service, leveraging big data technologies to enable easy scalability.


spotsize: AI helps shoe shoppers determine the right size for a better user experience

spotsize has developed a solution which turns online shops into the shoe-shopping experience customers are familiar with from brick-and-mortar stores. Using an augmented reality (AR) solution, the spotsize application takes over the shoe-fitter’s role. With the help of machine learning, the program uses a smartphone camera to measure customers’ feet to determine the appropriate shoe size.


Questions on digitalisation in the retail industry

What might the digital shopping experience in stationary retail look like?

Many digital solutions can improve the customer experience. In-store apps help to find the desired products more quickly or can receive personalised offers. Finally, self-checkout at the end of shopping ensures a successful shopping experience without long queues at the till.

What advantages does digitalisation bring for the retail industry?

The purchasing behaviour of the younger and increasingly affluent generation is largely digital. Retailers can adapt this by setting up a multichannel platform, for example. In addition to a better shopping experience for customers, retailers can in particular improve their processes through data analysis. With the help of data science, they can make intelligent sales forecasts and thus optimally stock their warehouses.

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