IT Solutions for the Energy Industry

Energy providers are faced with a "trilemma": they have to balance supply, profitability and sustainability. Digitalization is essential for this.

Our IT solutions for the energy industry

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Our cross-functional teams develop holistic solutions. These end-to-end concepts feature scalable and data-protection-compliant infrastructures, high-performance software, and web platforms, as well as methodological support throughout the project implementation and beyond.

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Artificial Intelligence

In addition to adding algorithms for intelligent energy distribution, we can help you implement predictive maintenance, computer vision, or intelligent text processing using NLP to optimise your processes.

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We develop apps that solve complex requirements in inspiring ways. Our custom developments can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems to provide end users with rapid, secure access to important information, for example, or to support service staff in their work.

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The energy sector is a critical infrastructure. It is, therefore, essential not only to protect new digital solutions against cyber attacks, but also to secure user trust at every level.

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Product Discovery

The implementation of smart meters and the creation of smart grids generate large amounts of data which can be used in brand-new application scenarios. In addition to providing technical and methodical implementation support, we also help our customers think outside the box to develop new product ideas.

Digitalization in practice

Our energy industry case studies

PRAMAC Storage Systems: The energy transition as a driver of smarter storage

Together with PRAMAC Storage Systems, an energy management system has been created that networks, monitors and intelligently controls devices and systems for generating and storing energy independently of manufacturers and communication standards.


Open Grid Europe: Using chatbots to access company data

Have company data simply read out by chatbot? We have implemented this at Open Grid Europe with the help of a Generative AI solution!


KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH: Real-time detection of anomalies in measuring instruments

As part of their Service Meister (Service Master) research project, SMEs KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH and inovex have designed a system which uses machine learning to automatically detect and evaluate anomalies in measuring instruments.


Berg GmbH: Forecasting electricity consumption with the Efficio energy management solution

Rapid development of a prototype that forecasts the future expected consumption per measuring point or company unit on the basis of measured and calculated consumption values.


General questions about the digitization of the energy industry

How can I deal with the growing demands of distributed power generation?

Distributed energy generation poses a digital challenge for energy producers. By creating scalable, networked IT infrastructures, we help them ensure seamless integration and efficient management of power generation plants, regardless of their geographical distribution.

This enables companies and energy suppliers to react flexibly to the expansion of renewable energy sources. These infrastructures provide a robust communication platform for connecting and centrally controlling power generation assets such as solar plants, wind farms, and distributed storage facilities.

Scalability also makes it possible to seamlessly add new power generation plants and to expand capacity to meet increasing energy demands. These plants possess greater flexibility to react to changes in energy production, such as seasonal fluctuations or unforeseen power outages.

Operators can use real-time data collection and analysis to identify potential bottlenecks or inefficient areas and take appropriate action to optimise energy production and use. This ensures that companies and energy suppliers are well equipped to meet the challenges of a sustainable energy future.

How can inovex help me to develop a new energy management system?

We help our customers to set up intelligent energy management systems which use efficient control and monitoring to control energy consumption in different environments. These systems leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to optimise energy consumption, lower costs, and reduce environmental impact.

We use our extensive expertise to support you holistically throughout the implementation process – from integrating intelligent sensors to acquiring data in real time, right through to implementing powerful algorithms to facilitate automation. These systems use these features to detect energy consumption patterns, identify potential savings, and automatically make adjustments to optimise energy consumption.

How can I react innovatively to peak shaving?

By integrating advanced energy management systems, real-time data collection, and intelligent algorithms, our solutions enable energy consumption to be efficiently monitored and controlled.

Implementing a load management system can provide intelligent support for peak shaving. The system analyses energy consumption in real time and identifies peak load times. Companies can then use targeted load management to reduce their energy intensity by temporarily shutting down non-essential equipment and systems or postponing energy consumption to non-critical times.

Virtual power plants are another advanced IT solution. These link decentralised energy generation systems, such as solar installations, wind farms, and storage systems, into a single unit. Virtual power plants use intelligent energy management and demand response to reduce electricity consumption during peak periods. They do this by storing excess energy from renewable sources and feeding it back into the grid when needed.

We can also integrate battery storage systems. These store excess energy during periods of low demand and release it during peak load periods to meet requirements. Combining battery storage with intelligent control systems enables the targeted control of energy consumption and reduces dependence on external power sources.

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We develop IT solutions for the energy sector

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