Data Product Management Training – Places Available for September

One-day training course on data products and data economics

(Karlsruhe, 12.07.2018) IT project experts inovex have a few places remaining on their innovation-based Data Product Management Training course. This course will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany, and is aimed at product managers, innovation managers and business developers.

Data Product Management Training

Product managers are always on the lookout for opportunities to differentiate their products and to improve them for their customers. Major Internet platforms are increasingly using machine learning and AI methods to turn their data into new products. In doing so, they are demonstrating that using data – whether in the form of standalone products or to enhance existing offerings – can be a valuable USP in the long term. The requirements of managing these data products are, however, very different from the requirements for managing traditional products.

The course discusses the differences between traditional product management and data product management and enables participants to implement the techniques learned in their own companies. This course equips participants with methods they can use to come up with ideas for their first data product and shows them how to prioritise lists of ideas. Other objectives involve testing market opportunities for data products and managing portfolios of data products.


  • Data products: Types and business models
  • Using data products as USPs
  • The customer journey and formulating hypotheses
  • Value propositions for data products
  • Finding the problem/solution fit: Methods and examples
  • Determining the starting point and experimental design: Alternatives to off-beat algorithms
  • Developing data strategies: How to find missing data?
  • Data Value Chain: What are my current IT capabilities?
  • Feedback loops: Establishing USPs and generating training data
  • The data value matrix: Managing portfolios of data products
  • KPIs: The correlation between machine learning and business KPIs
  • Algorithms: Overview of the various algorithm types and application areas


Dr Christoph Tempich is inovex’s Chief Data Economist, focusing on the economic aspects of the Digital Transformation and the strategic implications of a data economy. He supports companies from all sectors in establishing and improving digital business models, and particularly in designing and implementing data products. He gives presentations on the success factors of data products, on areas of application for machine learning and deep learning, and on the organisational changes resulting from the Digital Transformation. Dr Tempich received his doctorate in 2006 from the University of Karlsruhe, where his research focused on the use of artificial intelligence in knowledge management.

Training dates and location:

The course takes a full day and will be held on 21.09.2018 at inovex’s Karlsruhe location: inovex GmbH, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 6, 76131 Karlsruhe

Information and registration:

Participants can register for the course online at 

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