Data Products for Germany’s Largest Vehicle Marketplace

inovex and present jointly at the Big Data Summit 2017

(Karlsruhe, 15.02.2017) On Thursday, 16.02.2017, IT project experts inovex will join forces with, Germany’s biggest online marketplace for buying and selling cars, to give a joint presentation on data products at BITKOM’s Big Data Summit 2017.

Data products for 

Data products are either purely digital products comprising valuable data or hybrids, products which are enhanced using data services. These include, for example, self-driving vehicles. Well-known examples of data products include recommendations on e-commerce platforms (“Customers who purchased this product also viewed these products”) and in social networks (“People you may know”), as well as dynamic pricing models in which automated algorithms adjust prices to current market conditions.

On the platform, data on several million vehicles converges with the actions and interactions of sellers and potential buyers. has made it a goal to leverage this vehicle and usage data to create new value-added services to make the platform even more attractive to users. has been working with inovex to develop two data products, one for evaluating vehicle market prices and one for customised vehicle recommendations. These include an algorithm which calculates the most attractive offers from among the more than ten thousand new vehicle listings every day. These are then listed as the “best prices” and serve as neutral (data-driven) price recommendations for buyers.

Presentation at the Big Data Summit 

The presentation, which is entitled „Datenprodukte für Deutschlands größten Fahrzeugmarkt“ [“Data Products for Germany’s Largest Vehicle Marketplace”] will be held at 2:30 pm on 16.02.2017. It will provide the audience with information on the processes involved in developing the data products and describe the technical basis chosen to handle the pricing and web traffic data. The experts will provide insights into the infrastructure and explain the technologies and analyses. They will also discuss the factors which principally influenced the dimensioning of the infrastructure and which organisational elements and processes needed to be modified.

Since 2013, the Big Data Summit has been the annual gathering for decision makers in the data business. Over 650 users of advanced big data solutions, plus politicians, technology providers, strategy and innovation consultants and scientists come together to exchange ideas and information, establish partnerships, and advance projects.

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