Dr. Dominik Benz (inovex GmbH) receives SWSA Ten-Year Award

Semantic Web Science Association (SWSA) recognises outstanding scientific work.

(Karlsruhe, 23.10.2018) Dominik Benz, Head of Machine Learning Engineering at the IT service provider inovex, was awarded the SWSA Ten-Year Award at the International Semantic Web Conference in Monterey, California.

The SWSA Ten-Year Award:

The SWSA Ten-Year Award recognises the best scientific papers published ten years earlier and cited most frequently. Dr. Dominik Benz, together with Ciro Cattuto, Andreas Hotho and Gerd Stumme, received the award for the 'Semantic Grounding of Tag Relatedness in Social Bookmarking Systems' paper at the ISWC opening ceremony. The paper deals with the development of methods that can be used to measure the contextual relationship between keywords and semantically characterize them. 'I am of course really delighted about the award,' says Dominik Benz, 'especially as the methods used in this research work are used time and again in practice, for example when optimising product searches in our customers' online shops.'

The Semantic Web Science Association (SWSA)

The Semantic Web Science Association (SWSA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing scientific work in the semantic web and related fields worldwide. Key SWSA activities include organising the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) series of conferences, organising semantic web workshops, tutorials or summer schools, recognising outstanding work through various awards, and working with academic journals that focus on the semantic web.

About Dr. Dominik Benz:

Dr. Dominik Benz works as Head of Machine Learning Engineering at inovex. His research background is in the field of data mining from the Social Web, where he earned his doctorate in the field of knowledge and data engineering at the University of Kassel. Since 2012, he has been involved in developing and building analytical data platforms in various projects for major companies with inovex. He is extremely experienced in the application of tools to do with the Hadoop ecosystem as well as in making analytical applications productive with a special focus on streaming and real-time analysis.

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