familyNET Award: inovex once again recognised as a 'family-friendly company'



(Karlsruhe, 03.12.2020) Karlsruhe IT project experts inovex have once again been designated a 'family-friendly company'. The award, which recognises particularly family-friendly personnel policies, was presented on 30th November 2020 by the familyNET project.

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the reconciliation of family and professional life even more important for employees and companies, with childcare, homeschooling, and remote work becoming more of a focus than ever before.

Along with other companies from the industrial, service, and social economic sectors, inovex was designated a 'family-friendly enterprise'. The familyNET project has been presenting this award in recognition of companies’ commitments to comprehensive family-friendly personnel policies for the past eight years. The award is supported by the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing, as well as by employers and the Baden-Württemberg Landesfamilienrat (the Baden-Württemberg State Council for Family Affairs).
Auditors and a jury evaluated company activities in the areas of leadership competence and personnel development, workspaces, working hours and scheduling, communication, non-monetary benefits, services for families, health and safety, and civic engagement.
inovex’s particularly family-friendly personnel policy convinced the judges, and the company received the award with distinction.

'We are delighted and grateful to familyNET for this award. It confirms our commitment to enabling our employees to balance their work and home lives in the best possible way. We laid the foundations for this many years ago by allowing remote, flexible work. This has meant that even now, during the pandemic, work has continued to a tremendous extent as normal, something for which our colleagues who have children are particularly thankful,' explains Christian Dworsky from inovex’s People & Culture team.

The Karlsruhe IT project experts have long set great store by work in self-organized teams. There are no rigid hierarchies or 'pressure from above'. Instead, personal responsibility is encouraged. This means that every employee can divide up their own working hours in consultation with their colleagues, while each full-time job can easily and unbureaucratically be reduced to a part-time one if personal circumstances require it. Every employee is provided with a smartphone and a laptop to allow them to work remotely.

This flexible working mode has enabled the company to place even greater focus on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. 'Facilitating full-time work from home while simultaneously enabling employees to take care of their families was a particular challenge for us this year. Through regular feedback discussions and initiatives to promote social interaction, we have ensured that our employees can continue to focus on their mental wellbeing, even in this unique situation,' adds Dworsky.

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