Free Meetup “Let’s talk about Data Products” on 04.05.2017 in Cologne

inovex invites interested parties to a technology event on data products

(Karlsruhe, 11.04.2017) IT project experts inovex are inviting all interested parties to a free meetup in Cologne on 04.05.2017. Meetups are thematically focused events where people who are passionate about the subject in question meet to exchange ideas and information. At inovex meetups, IT enthusiasts who enjoy thinking outside the box get together for discussion and networking.

Meetup topics

The meetup to be held on Thursday 04.05.2017 will focus on data products. Google, Facebook and Amazon have been demonstrating the money-making opportunities in data for some time – but where does Germany stand? Digital transformation and digitisation are on everyone’s lips, but which specific products exist and how well prepared are German firms? The main topics of interest are specific planning and technical requirements, issues which will be raised and discussed at the meetup.

Participants will enjoy an introductory presentation followed by a moderated panel discussion on data products and data-based business models. What does the market look like? What are the factors for success? What does the future hold for topics such as open data, algorithms, and deep learning versus traditional machine learning?

The discussion participants will include four speakers from research, teaching and technology: 

  • Dr. Christoph Tempich, Head of Product Discovery & Ownership at inovex, has been working with data products for a long time. He will present the introductory presentation and moderate the discussion.
  • The FIR [Research Institute for Industrial Management] at the RWTH Aachen University has just published a survey on data-based services in which numerous companies in Germany took part. Jana Frank will report on results of the benchmark study during the evening. The experiences of the “successful practice companies” are particular interesting.
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Löser is an expert in the field of Text Mining and Deep Learning. He has wide-ranging experience in the technical development of data products and their market development.
  • Thomas Leitermann has worked in product management in a variety of companies and is familiar with the specific day-to-day operations required in the development of data products.

Registration and information:

Event date: Thursday, 04.05.2017 from 6:30 pm. Event location: inovex GmbH, Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Cologne. Refreshments will be provided following the event. Free parking is available at the event location.


About inovex GmbH

inovex are IT project experts focused on digital transformation. Over 250 IT experts support companies in digitising their core businesses and in implementing new value creation models. inovex’s portfolio includes data products, web and app development, smart devices and IoT, Replatforming/Microservices and DevOps, big data, data science and search, data centre automation, cloud infrastructures and hosting, as well as training and coaching. The company has offices in Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg, and is involved in projects all over Germany. inovex regularly hosts free technology-focused meetups in order to promote the exchange of ideas and information between interested parties and within the community. Additional meetup dates are listed here:

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