inovex Allows Employees to Lease Company Bikes

Trend for high-performance bikes and e-bikes increases among IT experts

(Karlsruhe, 12.04.2018) In addition to providing its employees with leased company cars, IT experts inovex are now allowing them to lease company bikes. Once they have completed their trial period with the company, therefore, every permanent employee is now eligible to lease the bike or e-bike of his or her dreams.

Leasing bikes through inovex

More and more companies are now leasing company bikes for their workforces. inovex, too, has been offering this scheme for quite some time now, in cooperation with the Freiburg-based bike leasing firm JobRad, one of Germany's largest bike leasing providers. With over 4,500 retail partners, JobRad has the perfect bike for everyone.

In Germany, leased bikes and e-bikes have been on an equal taxation footing with company cars since 2012. As the fees are deducted from employees' gross salaries, leasing provides a considerable tax advantage that makes premium-quality bikes or e-bikes more affordable for everyone.

The procedure is simple: interested employees shop for their favourite (e-)bike and order it themselves via the JobRad online portal. The portal sends a message to inovex's People & Culture department, who approve the order. The financial details are then handled directly by the company's payroll team.

"In addition to the financial advantages, leasing a company bike provides a very real health benefit to our employees in that it enables them to keep fit on their way to work", explains Jasmina Groeger, Head of People & Culture at inovex.

Bikes are generally leased via JobRad for a 36-month term, at the end of which they are either returned to the retailer or offered to employees, who can purchase them for their own personal use. Conversion from monetary remuneration to payment in kind under the German one-percent provision means that employees who participate in the scheme save up to 30 percent compared to purchasing their bikes directly. Theft insurance is also included in every leasing agreement.

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