inovex and HiveMQ Host Joint Webinar: 'How to Set Up, Run, and Scale a Secure MQTT Broker on Kubernetes'

IT project experts inovex are collaborating with partner HiveMQ to offer a free webinar.

(Karlsruhe, 18.09.2020) The IT project experts inovex are collaborating with their partner HiveMQ, expert in IoT connections, to offer a free webinar on MQTT brokers at 5:00 p.m. (CET) on 29th September 2020.

Webinar Topics

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers more and more opportunities for the intelligent networking of devices and machines, both for end users and in the industrial sector. These opportunities, in turn, require the processing of increasingly large amounts of data.

The MQTT protocol, combined with a reliable broker infrastructure and a Kubernetes setup, is the most crucial factor for success.

Many companies now want to deploy their own MQTT clouds or brokers – in order, for example, to avoid being tied to public cloud offerings by vendor lock-ins. In addition, companies also want to use Kubernetes to represent and scale both applications and their corresponding MQTT infrastructures. In this online seminar, inovex and HiveMQ will demonstrate how HiveMQ components can be deployed in each Kubernetes cluster, whether as a fully managed cluster in the public cloud or operated by an individual company in a local environment.

inovex has extensive experience in running large-scale HiveMQ deployments. During the webinar, Magi Erber (HiveMQ), Christian Rohmann, and Karsten Gorskowski (both inovex), will share their best practices for operating a reliable and scalable HiveMQ deployment. They will also show how the HiveMQ setup can benefit from the use of other popular, powerful tools (such as Prometheus for monitoring and Hashicorp Vault for security).

Information and Registration

Date: Tuesday, September 29th 2020
Time: 5:00 p.m. (CET)
The webinar will take place in English.
Interested parties can register for the webinar via this link.

About HiveMQ

HiveMQ is one of the world’s leading companies for connecting equipment, devices, and applications to the Internet. The HiveMQ MQTT Broker, which is based on the standard IoT communication protocol, is always available and enables the secure transfer of data between connected devices and the cloud. The company also offers a fully managed MQTT platform, the HiveMQ Cloud, which simplifies the management and usage of MQTT brokers in manufacturing.

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